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Tagmata offer security consultancy services that assess, develop and improve your

personal, physical and technical security with unique end-to-end risk management solutions.

We cohere multi-disciplined and specialist security consultants to solve complex problems and provide a unique peer security review service.

Established by Special Forces veterans, our tailored multi-layered approach ensures

you and your business are kept safe and secure reducing your risk liability.

From initial planning and assessment to design consultations, we prioritise

our client’s needs with innovative technology, expert knowledge, training and cost benefits.

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Established by a former Special Forces veteran with decades of military service.

Expert knowledge, experience and expertise working in high-threat environments

form the foundation of our exceptional risk mitigation and protective security services.

Situational awareness, risk assessment and decision-making abilities under intense pressure

allows us to anticipate and mitigate risks effectively ensuring the safety and security of all our clients.

We are accustomed to operating in diverse and changing conditions where

meticulous planning, seamless coordination and swift action are crucial.

Professionalism and attention to detail that is unmatched.

Ingrained, steadfast commitment to protecting lives, preserving assets

and prioritising the safety and well-being of our clients.

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